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About Us
About Us

Growing With Your Business

ShineWing member firms provide assurance, business advisory, corporate finance, and tax consulting services to clients. Each member firm is well established as a leader in its local region and is known for their local knowledge and expertise cohered by their international experience.

Global Network And Alliance

ShineWing Japan is part of the ShineWing network that has offices in more than 20 locations across the world. ShineWing is the accounting firm, which provides the most sought-after services favored by large private companies and state enterprises. We aim to help clients navigate process and procedures to establish a presence more efficiently and maximize the value of their investment quickly.Read more about our global network and alliance


The values describe how we practise in the world and guide the way we work with our stakeholders.


Trust is the foundation of our firm. We uphold the highest standard of code of professional conduct, providing the premium services for our clients.


Fairness, independence and righteousness are our ultimate principles. Our internal culture and operating system emphasize fairness, impartiality and openness, which are in line with regulations and rules.


We aspire to dreams, strive for excellence. We insist to adopt the right way with truthfulness, ensuring our sustainable development.


We are dedicated to seeking harmony with the society and with our clients, and together looking for better development. Team spirit and working unitedly are also the core values of our culture.


Our character as the basis of our Japan corporate culture.

Start up

We contribute to the founding of a venture business.

Grow up

We contribute to the growth of the company.

Build up

We contribute in establishing the position of our client companies.

Scale up

We contribute to the growth and expansion of client companies.


We focus on accounting and taxation, and deal with all kinds of management-related consulting.

The corporate environment has changed dramatically with the evolution of technology. We firmly believe that, in order to quickly adapt to the changing environment and achieve sustained growth, enterprises today will not stick to the conventional ideas and insights limited to Japan, but share global knowledge with a broader vision and seek the help of international experts in industry trend analysis.

ShineWing Japan is part of the ShineWing network that has offices in more than 20 locations across the world. With access to a global network and a team of over 7,000 professionals and 295 partners in 48 offices worldwide, we aim to support the growth of companies by utilizing the wide range of expertise and knowledge. Based on our values of “EARNING TRUST”, “PURSUING TRUTH”, “ENSURING FAIRNESS” and “SEEKING HARMONY”,we maintain corporate sustainability and contribute to the development of the Japanese economy and the growth of the enterprise.

Firm Information

Company name ShineWing Japan LLC
Foundation February 9, 2018
Address 16E, Harumi Island Triton Square W, 1-8-8 Harumi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, 104-0053, Japan
TEL +81 3 6459 0571
FAX +81 3 6459 0572
Satoshi Koishikawa
Managing partner
Weng Daokui
Affiliate Companies
ShineWing Japan FAS LLC
ShineWing Japan Tax Co.
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