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International Desk
International Desk

International Desk

By setting up special desks for specific countries and regions, we provide highly professional services for these countries and regions.

India Desk

Shinewing Japan LLC (“SWJ”) proudly announces the formal set-up of India Desk at its Tokyo office.

The trade between India and Japan has been growing steadily over the years and with strong bilateral relations trade and investment between the countries has seen a spurt in recent times. There is a strong Indian Community in Japan. The details of Japan India Relations can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan webpage

India Desk SWJ was created in 2018 by Mr. Dhruv Gupta and Mr. Satoshi Koishikawa with the sole aim of providing high quality and focused services to India related businesses in Japan. Mr. Dhruv Gupta, heads India Desk for Shinewing from Hong Kong where Shinewing International is registered. Mr. Satoshi Koishikawa is the managing partner in charge for India Desk in SWJ.

India Desk, SWJ aims to serve:
• Indian companies in Japan and Japanese companies in India.
• Indian businesses looking to invest in or trade with Japan
• Japanese companies looking to invest in or trade with India

It is a dedicated platform to serve businesses focused on India or Indian community in recognition of rising importance of Indian Economy and Indians worldwide. It is a demonstration of Shinewing International’s continued commitment to Indian businesses and community.

Mr. Gupta regularly visits SWJ and meets Indian businesses and clients along with Mr. Koishikawa. Mr. Koishikawa continues to invest in these relationships and has met Indian Consulate Officer to inform about SWJ India Desk and to promote Shinewing amongst the Indian Community. Significantly, SWJ India Desk is now working with some Indian banks who have recently sought to partner to work on mutual clients. SWJ India Desk will continue to reach out to the Indian Businesses and Community in Japan and provide them best services. Our team also assists companies in Japan who want to invest in India with the help of India Desk, hand holding them and providing them with all assistance to set up their business in India.

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