Deliver Services Seamlessly

We provide a wide range of services including audit, business advisory, corporate finance, and tax. And with access to a unique Asian and international network, we can deliver these services seamlessly in Japan and across the world.


Assurance & Advisory

Whether you are grappling with the risks posed by a global market, starting a new business in a local market, or need assurance that your financial information is accurate, our assurance advisors will work with you to review your business operations and financial viability to give you an accurate picture of your performance so you can approach the future with greater certainty.

To confidently approach the future, businesses also need to be aware of the risks they’re facing and implement strategies for the long-term rather than just focusing on the day to day. Our risk management advisors will work with you to identify and mitigate immediate risks, but also to conduct in-depth reviews of operational and business risks, leading to a clearer picture of where the company needs to focus to reach its strategic objectives.

Audit & Advisory

External Audit /
Strategic Planning /
Cost Efficiency Reviews /
Financial Statement Preparation /
IFRS consulting /
IPO support /
Other accounting advisory services

Risk Advisory

Internal Audit /
Risk Management /
Corporate Governance /
Forensic Investigations /
Compliance Services (SOX) /
Project Management

IT Advisory

IT Cyber Risk /
IT Health Checks /
IT Project Management /
IT General Control Reviews /
Data Analytics /
IT Strategy

Business Advisory

It’s no surprise that businesses are turning to professional advisors for more than just technical advice in this increasingly unpredictable market. Business leaders are looking for advisors who can help them devise bespoke business and financial structures to future-proof their organizations and achieve sustained growth.

Our business advisory team is firmly focused on helping you to achieve business success and operational excellence. We can assist with strategic advice to enhance business value, and will work closely with you to identify growth pathways that maximize profit and efficiency along with determining the right resource mix to support your growth aspirations.

Business Advisory covers the following service

Accounting Support /
Strategic Planning /
Corporate Governance /
Earnings Acceleration /
Performance improvement

Corporate Finance

Ensuring business sustainability is one of the greatest goals of all companies. We can provide worldwide support for all restructuring activities including M&A acquisitions.

Corporate Finance covers the following services

Finance/Tax Due Diligence /
M&A /
Stock Price /
Business Value Calculation /
PPA (Purchase Price Allocation)


Navigating the tax minefield can be a daunting task for businesses. Whether you’re an individual or a public, private, or multinational company, we understand the seemingly unrelenting tax pressures you face and how best to deal with them.

Tax covers the following services

Tax Structure Construction Drafting /
Tax Return /
Tax Investigation Correspondence /
Tax Haven Countermeasures Tax System /
Transfer Pricing /
Global Trade
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